We are continuing to meet on Sundays at 10:30 AM with necessary precautions. 

Reasons to stay at home

As with any other organization or business, we ask that you remain at home if you exhibit any reasonable symptoms associated with Covid, or have had close contact with someone who tested positive according to CDC guidelines. We will be continuing our Facebook livestream for those who remain at home during this continued stretch of life.


We are recommending that masks be worn inside and all of our volunteers and leaders wear masks. 


Volunteers on our hospitality team are stationed at the main entrance and the auditorium entrances both before and after service to open and close doors for those walking into or out of the auditorium, in order to minimize the amount of contact needed. Members of the hospitality also serve coffee and donuts prior to service as to limit contact. 

Auditorium seating

Chairs in the auditorium have been measured and all rows and aisles are at least 6’ apart (measured from front-to-front or rear-to-rear of the chair, which will reflect the distance between people). Within a given row, please leave 2-3 chairs in between your party and the next.

Kids Program

Kids program is open in a manner reflective of what the local daycares have been doing for some time now. We perform temperature checks to ensure a safe environment, and require masks of all children age 4 and up, as well as all volunteers. We are doing our best to ensure an environment conducive to social distancing, but please be aware that the younger a child is, the more naturally difficult this is to accomplish. If for any reason you do not feel comfortable dropping your child off, that really is ok. We will be continuing our Facebook live stream for those who would prefer to join from home. Or if needed, you may listen to teaching from the nursing mothers room located in the women’s restroom, or in the conference room toward the front entrance.